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Product reviews: Summer at Aldi

Summer is a time of salad. But it’s also a time of ice cream, meaty barbeques, fish and chips by the beach, and cream with everything.

Aldi recently sent me samples of their Killeigh Farm Luxury Irish Low Fat Frozen Yogurt. I’ve always questioned the logic of frozen yoghurt – is it just a lower fat alternative to ice cream? Actually, this was quite delicious. Frozen yoghurt is much lighter than ice cream, and the slight tartness is very refreshing on a summer’s day. It comes in two flavours: natural yoghurt and strawberry, and retails at €2.29 for one litre. It’s just as good as Corrin Hill frozen yoghurt, which normally costs €4.09 in Superquinn but is currently on offer for €3.

I washed it down with a iced glass of Aldi’s apple and blackcurrant squash. Now, I’ll take this back if I’m wrong, but… I’ve no hesitation in saying that Aldi’s squashes are easily the best value on the market. It’s just 99c for two litres. One litre of cheap, rather nasty own brand squash would cost around the same. Unlike a lot of cheap squashes – an unnamed family member buys that awful St. Bernard orange concentrate – Aldi’s are not too sweet, have no added sugar, and are perfect for a cheap and tasty summer drink. Winner.

While I’m on it, Aldi’s has a really good selection of cheeses: the Tipperary blue and the vintage white cheddar recently picked up prizes at the Great Taste Awards 2011.


  1. I have also tried this and really liked the natural yoghurt flavour .. Can I add that this is Irish made! Win.

  2. Num num num. Aldis’ flavoured sparkling waters are lovely too. Great for turning into ice cubes.

  3. I’m pretty sure the Aldi frozen yoghurt is made by Corrin Hill – they are the largest producers of ice-cream products in the country and Aldi say the product is made in Fermoy, Co.Cork which is where Corrin Hill is located. Haven’t tried the strawberry yet but love the plain one and my kids have scoffed it as well 🙂

  4. That’d make sense – buy the cheaper Corrin Hill so! 🙂

  5. Compare the manufacturers’ code on the cartons.

  6. Thanks Claire! Handy tip to apply to quite a few brands actually, I must write something on that.

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  8. This is amazing i love it and tgey had lovely waffle cones a couple of weeks back. yum