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Cheapeats on The Last Word

Online grocery shopping – yay or nay?

Yesterday I found myself on Today FM’s The Last Word with Anton Savage, debating its merits with Darren Grant of The Organic Supermarket. You can listen to the segment by clicking on part three of the Tuesday link: I’m blathering on from 53 minutes.

Online grocery shopping still hasn’t really taken off in Ireland. I reckon its more hassle than its worth for the consumer. Here’s a typical comment from one of our readers, Helena Hasler, which was left on our Facebook page:

Nightmare, Tesco used to be a much better service lately its like a disgruntled 15 year old picked the worst stuff in the shop and threw them all together. Fruit and veg going mouldy or already gone, dairy at or close to best before date. I used it to save time but it ends up tougher than going into town.

What do you think of online grocery shopping?


  1. The only problem about shopping on Line in Tescos is that there is no section on the form to instruct the “picker” to see if there is anything interesting and cheap in the Reduced to Clear fridge !

  2. P.s. just looked at the organic supermarket website, really nice site.

    He just needs to stock the Plamil Organic Dark Chocolate Spread and then I’ll have no option but to do a big Shop.

  3. I stopped buying fresh food from Tesco online because of the poor quality. However, customer service was very good about reimbursements – all you had to do was phone them up. Now I stick to their cheap deals on soap powder and branded goods.

  4. How much people actually shop for groceries online?…

  5. Not me omar, I relish getting out of the house with my ipod and two hours to myself. I also think of it as a calorie burning opportunity.

  6. True true… but would you shop from 1 particular shop or various shops for groceries?..

  7. Various, anywhere but Tesco.

  8. why not tesco? haha…

  9. For a wide variety of reasons, but mostly because they are the Oxegen of food retailers. They don’t spend a cent on their customers or suppliers, they do nothing but confuse and wrangle the customer, shopping there is not a nice experience and the staff are pig ignorant.

  10. I have to agree with you on that one, but whats your favourite food retailer?

  11. Supervalu every time.