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Early bird article in The Irish Times

Nice little mention for Cheapeats in an article on early birds in today’s Irish Times:

Do early birds always represent the best value for money? Not necessarily, says Peter McGuire of, the entertainingly frugal food blog. “I’ve seen several set menus where diners would be better off ordering the same ingredients from the á la carte. Also, just because a place offers food for less than it usually costs, that does not mean it is better value for money than a cheaper restaurant down the road without a set menu or early bird.”

There are a few things to look out for, he warns, such as very restrictive time slots and supplements on just about everything you’d typically want to eat, including steak and sides dishes.

I reckon Fallon and Byrne has one of the best deals in Dublin, so delighted to see them featured as well.


  1. I had a lovely early bird in The Exchequer recently – €20 for two courses, and there was steak on the menu with no supplement. Really delicious, we all had great meals. It finishes at 6.30 though which makes it a bit pressured- but it’s the only downside.

  2. Locks Brasserie on the canal has a great early bird all night Mon to Weds. The place is often full. Not a ‘cheap eat’ exactly, but similar to Fallon and Byrne. €13 carafe of wine too.

  3. Harrigans in Newbridge have a great offer of 2 courses for €20 and they throw in a cinema ticket as well. Available Tues, Weds, Thurs, but you can use the cinema ticket anytime (for Newbridge UCI). Food is very good-I had the chicken wings and burger last time…