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Review: Cafe Bliss

Somewhere cheap. Check.

Somewhere you can sit down. Check.

Somewhere with decent food and friendly service. Check.

If you didn’t already know – sheesh – Cafe Bliss, down a little lane between Camden Street and Harcourt Street, has one of the best value meals you’ll find in Dublin. Your €9.95 will get you a two course meal plus tea or coffee from the early bird menu.

Starters of vegetable parcels and lamb kebabs were great, especially the lamb kebabs, which came with a fresh mint dip.

Jean’s vegetarian chilli dish was really tasty, and her request for extra spice was well met. My Malaysian chicken was good, if a little bit more south Indian than Malaysian – still, it was very good considering the price. Both dishes were served with perfectly cooked rice.

The place is slightly lacking in atmosphere, which is fine for an early bird, but I’m not sure it’s the place you’d want to linger for an evening meal. A few small touches would cheer it up no end.

I’ll definitely go back to Cafe Bliss for a handy, tasty, and good value meal. With Green 19 and Zaytoon just up the road, Dublin’s Camden Street is one of the best areas to pick up a cheap eat.

  • Cafe Bliss, 4B Montague Street, Dublin 2


  1. It’s corkage free on BYOB too!

  2. The veggie chilli really was very delicious. The Cafe Bliss early bird is such good value that it is an affordable alternative to cooking dinner at home on those evenings where you’re just feeling too tired. The hot counter on Fallon & Byrne’s is another – anyone want to recommend any more?

  3. The food in Green 19 is over priced for what is glorified pub grub and really really crappy squshed in furniture.