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  1. I’ve aways wanted to try this offer from the Exchequer, as I’m a big fan of their food in general. I’m just worried that your review will make the place too popular!

  2. That was my concern too Joanne. I wrote it honestly but with some reluctance: I definitely want to go back here again and don’t want it too busy! The Irish Times gave it a positive review just a few weeks ago:

  3. Why did you get a free Roast and why is not factored into the price?

  4. Hi Peter, I have the same question… Why did you get a free Roast and why is not factored into the price?

    Sounds like a nice deal and a nice day. Going to my “to do” list…

  5. I was invited by a PR company to sample the Exchequer’s deal, so I could review it if I liked. I’ve stated that in the article. I did factor the free roast into the overall price, as stated in the final paragraph of the piece, which is the only place I’ve listed all the prices: “The entire bill came to €216.70 for four kids meals, two apple juices, a glass of milk, a Sunday roast for four, two extra sides, four desserts and a bowl of ice cream, six coffees, a Bloody Mary, three drinks, and a 10 per cent service charge. This figure excludes the price of one €60 Sunday roast, which was provided with compliments of the management. Several members of our party bought extra drinks at the bar.”

    We are completely open about our policy in relation to PR companies. It is published on our website:

  6. Thanks Peter.
    If someone wants to give you something for free, what can you do? 🙂
    My reason for asking was because I think that even if you didn’t pay for one of the roasts, the valuable information is how much a total bill including enough food for 9 people and 4 children came to. Is this case I think it was around 285 euros?
    It does sound like a good deal, specially for the rib of beef, not sure if I would go for the chicken… (personal taste of course)

  7. Hi Liana, yep, it would have come to 276 euro if we’d paid for it all. But we ate and drank a LOT; this meal would cost just 80 euro for eight people if you went for the cheaper options and didn’t pile up on booze and cake 🙂

  8. The price of this meal is now €49.95 split between four people. This post has been updated to reflect the change.