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Pricewatch article on own brand products

In today’s Pricewatch, Conor Pope discusses the growth of own-brand products in Irish supermarkets, and points the way towards thousands of euro in annual savings.

An interesting and useful article.


  1. i used to work in a bundy factory and i can confirm that tesco own brand burger buns are the EXACT same burger buns as johnston, mooney & o briens and brennans!same bun different packaging

  2. For the umpteenth time, check the manufacturers code. If it’s the same on two products, they came from the same factory. Eg T*sco butter and Kerrygold are the same.

  3. Not sure who makes Aldi Vive Orange mineral but its as good or better than the branded orange for about 1/3 of the price-79c for 2 litres