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  1. The other eastern Med place worth trying is Rathmines’ Little Jerusalem.

  2. I assume you’re not counting the suburbs here, as there’s an excellent Greek & Cypriot restaurant in Malahide: Cape Greko (

  3. +1 on Little Jerusalem, fantastic spot.

  4. Keshk is Egyptian-owed, as far as I know and it is opening a new place shortly on Mespil Road.

    Little Jerusalem is not nearly as good as it used to be.

  5. at last a restaurant cooking wth good quality of olive oil..very good food,try their mopusaka is amazing..As far as i know this place is the only authentic greek restaurant in dublin…Yeah,Keshk is Egyptian-owed.Good restaurant,but,not Greek..

  6. Amazing food, excellent service and a family-like hospitality 🙂 These people made me get a comeback to childhood loving memories. I will be there again, and again…

  7. I’ve tried most Greek Restaurants in Dublin, this one is the most authentic, no frozen foods here! Delighted they DON’T stock ‘Retsina’. Try the Mezeddes (excuse the spelling), great to try different dishes and very reasonable. We’ll be back

  8. Im Greek and im glad youve enjoyed the food-would just like to reply to the comments on temperature – our climate is usually warm, so Hellenic food IS served only luke-warm! Some people dont like that, but thats just a feature of hellenic cuisine : )

  9. Hey,Greek food lover,you should know that a good feta cheese is ALWAYS salty:-)
    Just a imformation from somebody that knows Greek food.
    No disrespect to you Peter:-)

  10. Authentic Greek & Cypriot food products in Ireland can only be purchased on

  11. I do eat a fair amount of (authentic) feta cheese, and what I have eaten is not always salty.