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Dine in Dublin restaurant week, October 24-30

A playful and delectable "laundry-themed"amuse bouche at Citron: crispbread with garlic aioli and foie gras dips.

Next week is is Dine In Dublin, where almost 50 restaurants around the city will offer a starter, main and dessert, from a set menu, for either €20, €25, or €30.

There’s some fantastic restaurants taking part, including Fallon and Byrne, The Green Hen, Dada, Koh, L’Gueleton, La Cave, and the Hop House, and I’m looking forward to trying out some other spots, including Bleu, which is run by Eamon O’Reilly, he of One Pico. Diners in each restaurant have a choice of five starters, five mains, and three desserts, plus tea or coffee.

Yesterday, my friend Eva and I sampled some of the food that’ll be on offer throughout the week, including a delicious plate of antipasti at Carluccio’s, a pasta house that’s managed to break free of some of the negative associations of chain restaurants.

This was followed by a main in Citron, the restaurant in the Fitzwilliam Hotel that isn’t Thorntons, where we had what must surely be the one of the most extraordinary deals in next week’s Dine In Dublin, a “Study of Beef”: oxtail croquette, chargrilled fillets, roast lap, sweetbreads, ossobuco veal jus, bread mousse & onion baji. The fillet was perfectly cooked, and the playful use of beef brought a well-matched mixture of textures and flavours to this dish. It normally costs €26.50. Here, you’re getting it for €25, plus a starter and dessert –  a bargain by any standards.

There’s a huge variety of  places to try, and something to suit every palate, and it runs until Sunday October 30. Most restaurants kick off at 7pm, some earlier, and there’s no limit on the amount of Dine In sittings each night.


  1. I don’t get it… The pre-theatre set menu from Fallon and Byrne is 28 euros something any day of the year… (their menu for Dine in Dublin is 30 euros)
    I don’t know about all the other restaurants, but I would guess they all have early bird offers that are similar?
    What makes Dine in Dublin special now that restaurants prices have (finally) come down?

  2. Disappointing to see Fallon and Byrne actually UP their prices for this promotion. That aside, there is good value to be had in this promotion, including Citron and The Green Hen. But you’re right to cast a skeptical eye on the menus Liana – diners should check if there’s normally a set menu and ensure they’re getting something cheaper next week.

  3. Also Liana, the menus for Dine In Dublin run all night for seven days, including the weekend, whereas most early birds are finished by 7pm.

  4. Well, if I don’t have to dine at 6pm that’s already something…! 🙂
    But I would recommend people check the menus and offers before deciding, and I’d definitely be more inclined to try an “out-of-my-league” restaurant for this… Citron looks good…