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Sponsored post: Win a €50 Groupon restaurant voucher

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Daily deals websites are changing the way we eat. The concept is simple and there’s no catch: offers cheap deals on restaurants, hotels, leisure activities, and beauty treatments.

Here’s a selection of recent Groupon deals. They’re quite phenomenal, and would make you feel like a bit of a chump for ever paying full-price again:

  • €110 instead of €370 for a getaway for two in a deluxe room, plus each either a round of golf or back, neck, shoulder, massage at Knightsbrook Hotel (save 70 per cent)
  • €3.20 instead of €8 worth of any burritos, tacos, or quesadillas to have in or take away from Burritos and Blues (save 60 per cent)
  • €25 for a €69 meal for two including mains and sides plus two glasses of Prosecco at Riva Restaurant (save 64 per cent)


The more you spread the word, the more you save: by recommeding Groupon to your friends, you receive €6 credit to spend on the next deal.

Groupon makes use of our collective buying power: the more customers that sign up to buy a particular service, the cheaper it can be delivered. The deals brings a whole new set of customers to retailers, and are emerging as a popular alternative to advertising.

To Win

To be in with a chance of winning a €50 voucher to spend on a deal of your choice, simply pop a comment in the box below and let us know what you think of Do you use bargain sites? What do you like or dislike about them? As usual,there’s no right or wrong answer, and the winner will be drawn at random.


  • Don’t email in your answer. Leave a comment on this post using the form below. Emailed answers will not be included in the draw.
  • Please make sure you leave a working email address with your comment (email addresses will not be publicly displayed or used for any mailing lists) so we can contact you for your details.
  • This offer is only open to readers in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Please do not comment more than once, if we see more than one comment from the same address we will delete all your comments and you will no longer be eligible for the competition. If you have questions about the competition, use our contact form.
  • The competition will close at 1pm on Friday October 28, and the winner will be announced the following week: be sure to check your email to see if you have won.
  • There is no cash alternative for this prize.


  1. The deals are great. Easy to use. One email a day would be better.

  2. Hi there. Have heard of Groupon, but had no idea it was such a value!! I’m checking it straight away. Thank you for this eye-opening post!

  3. I get the messages every morning, but I haven’t acquired the habit of buying yet. Great value, though!

  4. Good offers but groupon need to do more research into the companies it does deals with.
    Two deals I have bought have been refunded due to the retailer going under.

  5. I use deal sites all the time. Hard to see a downside … except maybe having to trawl through lots of “beauty” offers to get to the food ones.

  6. I think Groupon is absolutely fantastic. I get their emails every morning and have managed to snag some wonderful deals and am currently using them as Xmas gifts.

    My only gripe is the woeful writing. Just tell me what the deal is, I don’t need a gimmicky spiel that takes three paragraphs to tell me what I could learn in a sentence or two! 😉

  7. Whats the big deal about? Groupon

  8. Its a great website with some great offers, highly recommended!
    Though I’m getting overloaded with the amount of emails I get. Is there a way to tailor them maybe?

  9. Groupon have good offers but it takes time to separate out the chaff and with so many me-too sites out there you can easily get death by email.

  10. Hi there, I like getting the emails from Groupon. The only deals i have bought are the ones for free cups of coffee and free juices from juice bars. I’d like to see more of these ones. The offers are great but even still i haven’t got the spare money to spend. It’s definitely a great idea and well worth getting the emails but i’ve yet to make a proper purchase…i’m sure i will soon though, i’ve been very tempted by a few of them!

  11. I must admit that I get the e-mails but haven’t bought anything yet – a 50 euro voucher would be a great incentive to start!

  12. Great deals, a lot of them concentrate on body de-fuzzing and the like though. More family oriented ones would be welcome.

  13. I think the deals are great. Love the food ones. Some of the stuff is clearly not marketted at guys tho and have to skim over those offers. I’m not really interested in facials or laser hair removal….though I could probably benefit from both 🙂

  14. I’ve used it a few times. One time I got a wash, cut and blowdry at a central Dublin salon for €28. I thought that was a great deal considering I have very long hair! Always on the lookout for restaurant deals also, being a student.

  15. I get the emails but find there’s an awful lot of filtering to be done before I find something I actually want. That said, if something useful does come up they’re good value.

  16. I registered recently & have bought two deals for birthday presents so far, it’s definitely the way to go – I wonder about the business side of it though, wonder does the hit they take pay off in the long run?

  17. Love these deals. The best ones are the restaurant and the hotel ones. Great savings to be made and perfect for those essential winter pick-me-up treats!

  18. nice man to post comments

  19. I get the emails every day, have yet to buy a deal but think it’s a great idea and some real bargains on it!

  20. I purchased a deal for Vaughan’s Terenure recently – 26 euro for 2 starters, 2 mains and 2 glasses of prosecco. Looking forward to going.

  21. I’ve always thought the deals look great – but, as with many other offers, they’re very heavily biased towards Dublin residents – rarely see much of interest to someone in rural Ireland! I do understand why, of course, – so many more people there than in smaller centres!

    A €50 voucher might give me the incentive to brave the journey to Dublin, though!

  22. They’re great if it coincides with your tastes or needs – I recently got one for the Wax Museum when I was planning a family outing that very week!

  23. Groupon has some terrific bargains!

  24. Pretty good deals, but why do they all seem to come with Prosecco? I’d prefer a Wrasslers or Dungarvan.

  25. Hurray for Groupon, currently saving for a round the world trip and without Groupon we would not be able to eat out as we are saving so much each month. We normally buy one groupon offer each month for a restaurant.

  26. Groupon have become completely part of my life. As you say Peter, finding it hard to pay full price in restaurants now!

  27. Interesting deals, can be a bit hit and miss.

  28. Signed up to all bargain sites already! Unbelievable deals.

  29. I love coupon sites like Groupon. Having become recently unemployed, they’re the only way I ca afford to eat out these days. It’s nice to be able to participate and pay my way.

  30. Great site, use it often.

  31. Have yet to purchase a deal as don’t live in Dublin and they seem to be city focussed. Makes sense I suppose to access the biggest markets but would be great if they could expand to other areas.

  32. I love these sites especially love the hair and beauty treaments as they are rarely on offer outside of these sites!

  33. Groupon is good, However, I prefer, it has more deals to choose from!

  34. There’s always great savings to be made on Groupon, it’s a great site.

  35. I think the deals can be great if they are for a good restaurant. I’ve had both good & more mediocre experiences.

  36. A lot of offers are repeated and there are some offers you’d never bother with but there are good deals sometimes. Well done to businesses trying to get new markets.

  37. I receive Groupon emails and have to date bought about four of them. Gigs and restaurant deals interest me most. I find the endless beauty deals uninteresting- could there be a way to filter these out? Also, I agree with another comment above- why is Prosecco always included in the meal deals?? It’s not something I would drink with dinner. Overall I think it’s a good idea but I would buy much more if I could filter them to my interests.

  38. I love these sites, I have developed a habit of having a quick check every day to see whats new on offer, I recently bought a fairly good tablet pc for half price.
    I prefer to use though, it gathers the info from all the deal sites, and there are several, and delivers it on one web page or email, this way saves getting tons of e-mails every day!!

  39. Love groupon its a great way of sampling food that you have been thinking about doing for a while but never got round to it

  40. I like it a lot, have seen some good deals there. Would like to see a bigger variety though – more tickets to events, days out etc and less offers for beauty treatments.

  41. have been getting the emails , but have not used any yet

  42. Getting the emails-just need a babysitter to get out and enjoy the meal deals!!

  43. I get the Groupon mails and have even purchased but I find the range of offers a bit limited.

  44. absolutely love them!!!! i buy at least one a week if not more!!!!

  45. Use Groupon a lot. Pick me, random picker…

  46. The emails can get annoying but very good deals.

  47. I love these sites but top be honest the 2/3 emails a day crowd up the inbox and some of the deals-companies are unknown and therefore you don’t really know about service etc. But I got some great deals on them like Beauty, dinner so i’ll definately keep using them.

  48. I didn’t use them much before but lately they have become a lot more local specific so two days ago I got a great deal for 50% off dry cleaning. At the place I use in Cork, Very handy.

  49. Hope to try one of the deals soon, would like to see more places in Cork.