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Sunday Brunch & Kids’ Movie at The Odeon, Dublin

Odeon Sunday Brunch ClubI took my tiny sidekick to the Sunday Brunch Club in the Odeon on Harcourt St a few weeks back, when filthy rain put paid to our plans to go to the park.  It turned out to be a really pleasant thing to do with small ones on a Sunday afternoon – a rare peaceful and relaxing day out with kids instead of the usual noise-based activities.

It’s pretty simple really – the Odeon screens a children’s film every Sunday at 2pm and serve brunch at the same time.  There is no cover charge for the film.  The day we went, they were showing Disney’s Beauty and The Beast and all the kids were transfixed.  It’s shown on a large screen and pretty much takes over half of the large venue, so it’s not really suitable for grown-up chatting and catching up. But there’s just about enough light to read the Sunday papers and if you feel like getting out of the house and relaxing at the same time, it’s a very good option.

The one letdown when we went, however, was the food. I ordered a fish stew (€10) for myself and a children’s portion of chicken nuggets and chips (€5.50) for my little girl.  The fish stew was quite bland and watery.  The chips turned out to be four enormous home fries stacked together and were nice, but would have been more suitable for adults.  The chicken nuggets were made of minced chicken and were quite cheap and nasty.  However, I think I made bad choices in ordering: fish stew is often disappointing (I’ve yet to find one that lives up to the incredibly delicious version served in the basement of Fallon and Byrne’s), and chicken nuggets are rarely any good. I usually don’t mention the option when they’re on children’s menus, but was too slow this time and my youngster spotted them. Yes, I know I’m a terrible parent for not just insisting on the pasta but sometimes you have to pick your battles.

I am definitely going to give this venue another chance, and order something safer next time, like a simple sandwich or bangers and mash.  A big, peaceful bar to loll around in on a Sunday, where you can space out with the papers and let the children enjoy a movie is a Good Thing, and should be encouraged.

The upcoming movies over the next few Sundays at the Odeon Brunch Club are Happy Feet, Shrek 2 and the Muppet Christmas Carol.  More details and menu are available on the Odeon website.

Has anyone else out there been to the Brunch Club? What should I have ordered?

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