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Downstairs in Fallon and Byrne

I’ll keep this one brief. If you’re shopping in Dublin and need a good value lunch or dinner pitstop, check out Fallon and Byrne‘s food options.

The pre-theatre deal is off until January, to be replaced by a much more expensive “Christmas menu”- it’s €38 instead of €28.81, plus a €5 supplement for the steak. Why is Christmas an excuse to jack up prices? Not a rhetorical question. Anyway, I’ll be giving it a miss.

But stay downstairs:  here, you can get a few glasses of wine with some delicious cheeses/ charcuterie, or check out their magnificent, rich, warm, tomato-based fish stew – it’s really fantastic.

I queued at the deli for food, where I picked up a very tasty slice of vegetarian lasagna – it can be one of life’s great letdowns, but this pasta couldn’t be faulted. It was served with two substantial portions of salad and cost just €6.48.

I brought it downstairs and ate a full, substantial meal, at dinner time, in a bustling restaurant with a vibrant atmosphere, with a nice glass of wine, for under €13. This goes on the list of Dublin’s best value cheap eats.


  1. Fallon and Byrne brought back there soup and sandwich deal in the autumn- it went from E7 to E7.50 despite a drop in tax over the intervening period- I don’t bother with them any more, especially seeing as they have documented problems in not paying income tax to the revenue.

  2. On Mondays downstairs, its 1 euro corkage on all bottles of wine. So you can get a bottle to drink there for 11 euro.