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The rudest customers in the world

Thumbs down to the incredibly rude table (Photo:

A terrible person did a terrible thing in a lovely restaurant, and I want to know what our lovely readers think about it.

We’re in Runiccini, a gem of an Italian restaurant in Kilkenny (full review to follow). The service is impeccable and professional: white tablecloths, waiting staff in black and white uniforms. The restaurant is busy and buzzing.

Across from us, a large party are gathered for their post-Christmas office party. The mains are finished. And then, amidst the chatter, a noise brings an abrupt end to all conversation in the building.

Somebody actually whistled to get the attention of the waiting staff. Then, immediately after, another member of the same party shouts loudly: “Oi! Dessert menus here please.”

The waitress is as shocked as the rest of the dumbfounded restaurant. To her credit, she doesn’t refuse service and ask the entire party to leave, which would be a fair and measured response to this obnoxious behaviour. It would be slightly less heinous – although still very, very heinous – if the service had been anything less than attentive and wonderful.

Through gritted, professional teeth, with all the other customers watching in open-mouthed, silent shock, she calmly takes their orders. But the happy, chatty atmosphere of a minute ago is now gone; this is a different place now, and it takes a good ten minutes before people feel comfortable enough to talk again. All except, of course, the obnoxious table, who seem to be having a great evening altogether.

What do you think should have happened to this party? And what’s the most obnoxious behaviour you’ve ever seen from a customer in a restaurant?


  1. I hope those people got spit in their desert!
    On a more serious note though, it’s the management’s responsibility to step in when customers are being rude to their staff. This groups behavour obviously affected not only their waiting staff, but also their other customers. I would have expected whoever was in charge to have a word with the culprits & at least elicit an apology.

  2. absolutely dreadful,the age old problem of people thinking that they can treat wait staff any way they like just because their paying for their food. I applaud the waitress for not losing the cool and for approaching the mattter in such a dignified way.

  3. How I hate the “customer is the king” attitude. It’s not only ignorant and impolite, but causes much distress to anyone on the receiving end. I agree with Wallace, management should have stepped in and handled these morons. However, I’m surprised that no one among the diners said anything? If apparently everyone was shocked by their behaviour? I remember my husband telling a manager in a fast food who was treating their staff like dirt to keep his voice down, and the man was so surprised he apologised to the girl.

  4. I waitressed in Boston for years and I was once whistled at. I approached the table of four ‘business’ men, and asked the person in question if he had seen a dog. When he replied no, I told him to go outisde then, because the only attention he was going to get was from whatever animal he assumed was going to respond to him. The rest of the table stifled their laughter as he was clearly their manager, but he was lucky he didn’t get a glass of water thrown over him.
    Another time, a regular customerwho was at the bar grabbed a french fry off a plate that I was delivering to a table… he was never allowed in again.