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Behind the Scenes at the Museum – Fundraiser with Bite of Life

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I was in the delightful Bite of Life cafe on Patrick St this morning when I heard them telling some regulars about a fundraiser event – so I got the details to spread the word here, as it sounds just lovely.

Bite of Life, DIT and the National Gallery have come together to raise funds for the Conservation Department of the National Gallery of Ireland. They’ve arranged a special evening this Thursday, 1st March. For only €30, guests will get to:

  • visit the Conservation Dept (never opened for the public before) and receive a guided tour from the Head of Conservation, Simone Mancini
  • get a guided tour of the highlights of the permanent collection of the National Gallery
  • attend a canape reception with live music, wine, finger food, cakes and a raffle
  • visit an exhibition of paintings and photographs from Irish artists and art students – all for sale

Doesn’t it sound like a fantastic evening?  There are limited places still available, so contact Daniela Macrai on 087 693 9217 or email


  1. Oh my… oh my…. My head is spinning from the excitment. I’m hoping to get a place, this is just a dream come true. Not the canapes, the visit of the Conservation Dept, I mean. Thank you so much for the info!!!

  2. It’s great isn’t it Nanazolie? I’d call them quickly as there’s only a few places left.

  3. The mail address is invalid, and I’m having no luck with the phone 🙁

  4. Dang, I don’t have the details on me now so can’t double check them – try calling the cafe, it’s Bite of Life – (01) 4542949

  5. Ok, I’ve checked the details – the phone number is correct, the email was wrong (my mistake, sorry!) but fixed now. On the sheet I was given there is also another contact email address –, so you could try that if you’re not getting through on any of the above details.

  6. Thanks Jean. I managed to speak to Daniela and got a ticket. Yoohoo!