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Query: Cheap Dublin restaurants for tourists on a budget

Can you help some visitors from this expensive paradise to find cheap eats in Dublin? Image from

Our reader Fiona got in touch all the way from Switzerland through the magic of the internets, to ask for some tips for some visiting friends:

I’m Irish, living in Switzerland for last 30 years so have no idea of the restaurant situation.  Have a Swiss family of five going to Dublin centre for four days next week and have organised cheap accommodation for them –  they are on a very limited budget (not your usual Swiss family !!!) and was wondering if you could give me some names of places you would recommend for a few meals at reasonable prices and good food.  They have broken the bank to go on this trip and I’d love to be able to help them with some addresses that will leave them with great memories of Dublin eateries!

We always like to help visitors to Ireland here on CheapEats, and Fiona’s offer of a box of Swiss chocolates by way of a bribe didn’t hurt either.  Off the top of my head, I suggested the following places:

  • Green 19 on Camden St charges €10 for all main courses, they’re very good and they do a lovely version of corned beef and cabbage
  • There are loads of cheap and delicious Chinese and Korean places around Parnell Street and Capel Street
  • If they go for lunch they should get a good deal at a really good restaurant – for example the Winding Stair on Lower Ormond Quay does beautiful Irish food and they have a lunch deal for two courses for €18
  • If they like crepes and pancakes, Lemon has cafes on Dawson and South William St and is great for lunch or an early supper – pancakes are around the €7 mark and kids will enjoy it
  • The ground floor of Fallon and Byrne’s is a godsend – you can get a full meal from their deli counter for well under €10 and bring it downstairs to their lovely wine cellar
  • South Richmond St in Portobello up near the canal has Rotana Cafe for cheap Middle Eastern food and Seagrass which has a highly recommended early bird
  • Other good early birds are the Whitefriar Grill on Aungier St and The Larder on Parliament St (and Parliament St is generally a very good spot for cheap eats)

I’d also advise steering clear of the many tourist traps in Temple Bar.  And if this gorgeous weather holds up, picnics in Stephen’s Green, Phoenix Park or the Iveagh Gardens would be both economical and completely lovely.  Any other recommendations for a hungry Swiss family on a budget?


  1. I’d definitely recommend Fafie’s on 2 Lower Kevin Street. Much better crepes & galettes than Lemon.

  2. If the family like asian they could head to NEON its only a few doors down from Green Nineteen. It does wonderful asian street food, is cheap and has the added draw of being able to pull your own icecream at the end of the meal. The kids will love that.

  3. I’d recommend the Bakehouse on Bachelors Quay for lunch or dinner, gorgeous stews and soups and breads and cakes – really good value.

  4. I second Fafie’s there, absolutely delicious. Goats cheese, sundries tomatoes and spinach, yum!

  5. Madina, 60 Mary St, offers sit down Indian (Chicken Biriyani for €4.95, others cost a bit more) and its very good.

    Also Dehli O’Deli on Moore St, for vegetarian Indian food.

    If you want a cheap but very good Chinese, it’s M&L on Cathedral St, just off O’Connell St.

    These are in fact my favourite ‘cheap eats’ in Dublin, it’s a shame there are so few of them.

  6. The Hairy Lemon at the top of Stephens Green is great for lunch, most dishes are €7.90

  7. Kokora on liffey st for cheap bentoboxes or the epicurean food hall for buffet type dealy. Also quite good Italian in la cucina on parnell st

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  9. carluccio commenter sounds like a shill

  10. Hi Leon, we’re inclined to agree with you – the comment has been removed. We ask that people disclose who they are if they are leaving comments about their own business – otherwise it’s sock-puppeting and comments will be deleted. Our full policy is clearly explained here:

    I actually like the restaurant that was mentioned and think their special menus are good value, so for future reference please just say who you are if you’re recommending your own place!