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  1. Sounds great, I have to add this to my “to do” list… However, I still have a problem with the kids menu offering only “kids friendly” foods, regardless of their quality. Why is it always taken for granted that kids will only eat “kids food”? I thought that many restaurants had adhered to the “family friendly” chart or whatever it is called that means that you can choose kids size of the “grown up” dishes. Our kids love burgers and pizza and pasta, etc but I’d try to encourage them to try out other foods, above all when in a Michelin starred restaurant. I know for certain than my 4 years old would have loved that pork belly with carrots and potatoes. I made a roast on Sunday with a mustard and shallot sauce and they loved it. Other than that, the value is astounding, even in a more mid-range restaurant you’d often pay more for a 3 courses lunch

  2. Hey Nanazolie – I think Bon Appetit actually do offer kid size versions of the adult meal, I remember seeing it on their website although I didn’t notice it on the menu last Sunday. The service there was really lovely, it seems like the type of place that would accommodate that.

  3. They do. See: we asked about it out of interest and the waiter told us it was sadly rarely, if ever, requested.