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  1. If that’s meant to be a picture of ‘beautifully green’ soup then you really need to stop instagramming your food photos.

  2. Looks absolutely delicious Jean! Must check it out.

  3. Those prices are breathtaking, is it 2005??

  4. I worked around the corner from Brother Hubbard’s until recently and while the soup and sandwiches were nice they do not justify their price especially if you have to pass Soup Dragon’s offer of Soup & Bread for €3 on the way up Capel St. The service was very chaotic with people running in all directions and I was left standing at the counter for a good 10 minutes while they poured me a soup and packaged a pre-made sandwich, which is off putting when you only have 30 mins in the first place!

  5. I LOVE THIS PLACE! I was idly googling them as I’m a big fan of their work, and then I came across this little string of ignorance…

    I’m based a lot of the time around the corner from Brother Hubbard’s and go in every chance I get, to get my latte fix and possibly the best brownies I’ve ever had. And that roast beef and horseradish sandwich! I’m counting down the minutes till lunch now. I can’t tell you what a joy it is to visit a food business that isn’t staffed by mean-faced, indifferent employees. Yes it can get very busy at lunchtimes, and yes it can seem like they are under pressure. But you know what? They deserve to be busy. Given the quality of the food you’re getting, some of the friendliest customer service I’ve ever experienced, and people who are actually grateful for your business, it really is worth waiting for.

    If you want to have your cake and eat it, then go to some other crummy establishment nearby. Perhaps you’ll have a little more change left over by the time you’re done, but you’ll have done nothing except experience some dull and uninteresting food, and justified the continued existence of a place that is at times downright hostile to its customers.

    I often receive international visitors from our other offices, and frankly it’s mortifying the lack of decent, unfussy and non”themed” lunch options to bring them to. Brother Hubbard’s is raising the standard of casual lunching in our city. The guys at Brother Hubbard’s are doing something impressive and should be applauded, instead of criticised for not catering to the meanest of the mean, who expect vending-machine speed and pricing from their food.

    But I guess what else can you expect when so many of us have been conditioned to think “Cheap” is more important than “good value”. If cheap is all you’re concerned about, bring a packed lunch, quit your moaning, and let the people who actually want to make a change do exactly that.

    Nothing like a good rant to get the appetite going – now I know where I’m going for lunch!

  6. I think that’s somewhat of an over-reaction to some minor criticism from one commenter on a post which heaped praise on Brother Hubbard’s.