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Breakfast @ Gibson’s, Dublin city centre

I’m not a mad big breakfast fan, and never have been. More of a liquids man in the morning: tea, yoghurt and juice.

But occasionally, I’ll try it out. A few months ago, when I was still in Ireland, I found myself in Dublin city centre at the godforsaken time of Saturday 11am. I decided that the idea of breakfast and a newspaper was only delightful.

Trying somewhere new, I went for Gibson’s on Wicklow Street in Dublin. I really wanted to be tempted by all the American blueberry pancakes with maple syrup (€6), or the croissants (€2.50), or the homemade granola with honey and Greek yoghurt (€5.50) but, because I eat out for breakfast practically never, I went for the full Irish. This included fried eggs (I replaced them for scrambled), bacon, sausages, grilled tomato, bacon, fried bread, mushrooms (which I omitted), and baked beans, for €8. I had a double espresso for €2.60 and a glass of fresh orange juice for €4 (fresh orange juice, rightly or wrongly, being generally expensive). Total cost of breakfast before tip: €14.60. Hmmm…

The breakfast was nice, although the rashers were somewhat lacking and had that slightly off-putting bit of white coating. I personally prefer them crispy, but somehow I find myself talking to many Irish people who disagree. Service was fine, if not exactly warm.

I did enjoy the breakfast, but it wasn’t particularly special or memorable, and I felt it would have been a better sell if the coffee and juice were included in a (slightly more expensive) deal.

I know that Bewley’s on Grafton Street isn’t the greatest breakfast either, but at least you can get a similar breakfast plus tea or coffee and orange juice (albeit from concentrate) for €9.60 all in. Plus, I think I prefer the character and atmosphere in Bewley’s.

Maybe it’s an unfair comparison? Can you give recommendation a good place for breakfast in Ireland? I promise to try it when I get back.


  1. Tiesan Café on Harrington St do a great breakfast in a skillet – I think it’s the best in Dublin!

  2. M&S restaurant top floor on grafton does a very decent scrambled egg and smoked salmon and nice stuff for kinders if you have to feed them too.

  3. It got to be Herbstreet, near Il Vealentino bakery for a good cupola afterwards ! Trust me 🙂

  4. Herbstreet all the way. I have never had the full irish there but have been with people that have. It comes with thick slices of bread, a corn beef hash brown (amazing) and really good quality sausages and rashers (such a disappointment when you get rubbery processed ones)

  5. KC Peaches on Pearse St. Huge portions and excellent coffee.

  6. Cake Cafe off Camden St. Walk through that fancy Daintree paper shop. Bacon and banana toast.

  7. The Bierhalle in Cork has a great brunch at weekends.