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Pop-up ice-cream parlour in Christchurch: Furlong & Kehoe

Top tip for the day: buy your takeaway coffee in an ice-cream parlour, because if you’re fortunate, the people running it will be really nice and friendly and will offer you loads of tastes of the ice-cream.  At least, that’s what happened to me yesterday in Furlong & Kehoe on Thomas St in Christchurch.

It’s a new ice-cream parlour in the spot that used to be Just Off Francis, opposite The Thomas House bar.  They’ve set up as a pop-up there for the summer and are selling a really tempting and original range of artisan ice-creams, all made freshly on the premises. I tried little tasters of bacon and maple (amazing!), beetroot and chocolatelemon meringue, salted caramel, lavender and honey, matcha green tea, butter pecan and something strawberryish and delicious.

The sign outside the shop advertised Guinness and rhubarb and custard flavours, both of which I’m really keen to try. I was only in the market for a coffee yesterday but will definitely be back within days to get a big fat ice-cream cone.  They’re only there till the end of September, so get down there and try it out before it’s too late.


  1. Hello! Asked them on Twitter and they said yep! Mango & Passionfruit; Mojito; or Orange, Lime & Elderflower. YUM.

  2. I’m coming for a visit in a couple of weeks from the US. I’m putting this on my itinerary!