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Readers request: Restaurants near Grand Canal Theatre

Dublin Docklands (Photo:

Our reader Katia is heading to the gorgeous Lir theatre, close to the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin’s Docklands, this Friday. She’s looking for recommendations for a cheap and cheerful spot for food and drink around this newly-revitalised area.

There should be plenty of decent early-bird/ pre-theatre options. I’ve eaten in Crystal Boat, a decent Chinese restaurant with a good value early bird; it’s not spectacular, but enjoyable for the price. There’s also a branch of Milano, which is always reliable. And Herbstreet: I’ve heard good things.

Readers, can you recommend a restaurant near the Grand Canal Theatre?


  1. I asked for recommendations on Twitter and people are saying:

    – Herbstreet for their halloumi
    – Mamma Mia Italian on Grattan St – doesn’t look like much but is very good, apparently
    – Paulie’s Pizza
    – Bridge Bar and Bistro

    We got a glowing recommendation for Swai before, which isn’t too far from Lir –

  2. I don’t know if they still do it, but Bridge Bar & Bistro used to have a 2 starters, 2 mains and carafe of (decent) Italian wine deal for €50. Was one of the best deals in town.

  3. Sorry to hijack but I’m looking for something similar around Vicar Street on Tuesday.

  4. H Bar – nice Spanish tapas

    I work in the area and tried all the restaurants – they’re all very good!

  5. claire – we had a query a while back from someone going to the Tivoli, which is in the same area as Vicar St:

    I’d go somewhere around Parliament St and then walk up, it’ll only take 10 mins

  6. Lads, thank you so much!
    Someone in work mentioned the Ocean Bar. What do you think?

  7. I’d second ely, it’s really nice and they donate €1 from every Bangers & Mash meal to Barnardos:

  8. I like Ely too, but they’re not really a “Cheapeat”, by which I mean you can eat for €10 or less. Are there any of those near Grand Canal theatre that can be recommended?

  9. Fair point otto, ely is not that cheap. I’m not down in that area much so I’m not aware of any super cheap restaurants down there, plus it’s mostly catering to a business/gig-attending kind of audience. You can eat for between €10-€15 in Paulie’s Pizza, the Twitter tipsters are saying it’s really good.

  10. I would avoid H Restaurant.
    I work in the area and have been many times for tapas at lunch which is very nice. Went once as a pre-theatre and the menu was lazy and they had no spanish dishes.
    very disappointing.

  11. Mamma Mia’s on Grattan Street is wonderful, and Herb Street is good too.

  12. K C peaches is cheapish but maybe not dinnermateriall… salad is v good! … open until 8pm so the website says. ? I don’t go to Herbstreet anymore after their attitude round the John Joe tweet in August.

  13. Caffe Parigi is just around the corner on the John Rogerson’s Quay and they were doing a great deal in the evening a while back (possibly only on Thursday and Friday though), €8.50 for a light buffet and a cocktail/glass of wine. I think they’re still doing it but haven’t been in there in a while.