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Dine in Dublin week, October 22-28

We’re suckers for the cheap meal here. One of the best chances to grab a bargain crops up twice a year in Dublin, with restaurants and cafes offering special offer meals for a week.

This time around, bars and cafes are also taking part in the initiative, and there’s deals on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are five price bands: under €10, €10-20, €20-25, €25-30, and over €30. Some highlights:

  • The Hop House: three courses, €20
  • Whitefriar Grill: three courses, €25
  • 101 Talbot: three courses, €25 (one I’ve been wanting to try for some time)
  • Saba: four courses, €30
  • Pichet: tasting menu, €45

Yet again, a word of caution to make sure you are actually getting good value. Fallon and Byrne, an excellent restaurant  – upstairs and downstairs have remarkably good service, value, and food – is engaged in what can only be described a misleading promotion. The “pre-theatre” menu, three courses for €29.95, normally runs all night Monday to Friday and until 6pm Saturday, but the Dine in Dublin promotion is slightly more expensive at €30. Go figure.

You’ll also find a number of specials and events throughout the week, including a cookery demo with Clodagh McKenna at her restaurant in Arnott’s and a jazz night in Le Bon Crubeen.

Full details of the event on the Dine In website.


  1. THANK YOU Peter, for pointing F&B’s no deal for the Dine in Dublin week, they did the same last time, and apparently got away with it, since they are at it again… I suspect many of the “deals” being offered fall into the same category, TGI’s one is another example, though in fairness there are good deals to be had as well.

    It saddens me to see many food bloggers jumping on the freebies wagon without a second critical look on what they are helping to promote. Glad I can still trust Cheapeats to tell it as it is!

  2. Thanks Liana. Yep, if anyone else notices any particularly good or particularly bad deals, please add your comment here!