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Query: Best wheelchair-friendly restaurants


Our reader Sue is looking for recommendations for a cheap and cheerful wheelchair accessible restaurant:

I often organise nights out for our team at work and I’m now tasked with organising the Christmas party. There’s 20 of us and we have a very small budget (€20 a head). My difficulty is that there is one wheelchair user in the group and it is a nightmare to find a wheelchair accessible restaurant that is actually wheelchair accessible. Often restaurants and bars say that they’re accessible but in fact, when we arrive, he has to go through a back door or through the kitchen entrance or he has to get carried up steps.

If any of your readers have suggestions I would be eternally grateful.

Although Sue is particularly looking for somewhere cheap and cheerful, it would be useful to gather a list of any restaurant that’s wheelchair-friendly.

Readers: any tips?


  1. Maybe the Whitefriar Grill? They were doing a Christmas lunch menu for €20 a head and I’m pretty sure it’s wheelchair accessible (it says here: that it is but space is restricted).

  2. The question isn’t just whether the restaurant itself is accessible, but is the toilet? I’ve often been told that the restaurant is, but when I enquire, am told that the toilet is downstairs! Also, how tightly packed are the tables? Secondly, with that budget, is lunch an option? It rules out some places I know. I’d start with hotels – places like Jurys Custom House, the Maldron at Grand Canal. Other restaurants which I think are accessible are Fallon & Bryne, Market Bar, Milanos – some of theirs are accessible I think… Will come back with more when in the office.

  3. I think the Christmas lunch in Le Bon Crubeen on Talbot Street is €22 and I recall seeing wheelchair users in there before.

    The toilets are on the floor below though so you’d have to check whether there were alternatives. It connects through to a pub at the back of the restaurant so it’s possible that there would be ground level toilets in the pub.

    I have noticed that most Christmas lunch deals are now closer to €30 than €25.

  4. what about asking the Irish Wheelchair Association?

  5. Hi L’Gueuleton has a wide entrance and wheelchair accessible toilet which are definitely nice and wide. Not sure what they’re doing for chrismas specials but there was a guy in a wheelchair the last time I was there and he was able to access his table without having to get out of the chair.
    Doesn’t hurt that I like their snails when I feel homesick 😉

  6. I recall seeing the Christmas menu in L’Gueuleton was €25 this year

  7. I’d agree with B, I’m sure the members of the IWA have planned their Xmas night out – no harm in telephoning them and asking for recommendations.

  8. Check out some, but not too many dublin restaurants listed. Best to just view all eating out venues as when you try to limit to dublin all dublin restaurants seem not to show up.

  9. Also check out Georgina Campbell at there is a wheelchair friendly choice on her “eat” menu bar – but best to phone places to confirm what facilities they have, particularly toilets and the size of cubicle.

  10. The Market Bar is a good spot. Spacious for a few wheelchair users.

  11. I would like to mention Toscana restaurant here because I feel it has a great gateway for a wheel chair. You can reach them @

    Toscana restaurant in Dublin is popular for its dishes and ambiance.

  12. Thanks for covering the restaurants in Dublin. It is really a comprehensive post to go through. I agree with Antonio because is really a good place to taste Italian and Irish dishes in Dublin. Don’t worry about a wheel chair entry, it is designed for all.

    @Antonio: I agree.