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  1. I simply LOVE thai food!I heard alot of good comments about CAMILE..

  2. I’m a regular to Camile DunL. I think you get what you pay for with many takeaways these days. The cheaper ones tend to be low quality meat/fish and thick tasteless sauces. Fantastic fresh food and regular deals on offer here. Nice staff and if you ‘check in’ when collecting your food a big bag of Thai brown prawn crackers free, well worth it if you live locally.

  3. I love Baan Thai’s food, and wait for the regular Daily Deal that pops up every few months, eg “€40 of food for €20”. We’d generally stock up on a few. Makes it much more affordable to bring the kids for a nice Sunday lunch and open their eyes to some exotic food, aswell as going again by ourselves. It’s not cheap, dining out for 6! But it’s much more afforable with 3 of these vouchers. Yo Thai also have good deals regularly.

  4. Thai curry is the easiest takeaway to recreate. Get some curry paste, add boiling water and sugar and stir. Add to stir fried anything which you have then cooked in coconut milk. Top with fried peanuts and basil. A great way to get rid of leftovers. For me, this makes Thai takeeay seem overpriced.

  5. “Currently, you can try one of their stir-fries for just €1 when you get any buy any other main from the Phibsborough branch*.” That was the month of September…

  6. @graham, I’d agree with you in some respects that Thai curry is reasonably easy to replicate well at home but a lot of Thai takeaways have great stir fry dishes, Pad Thai and things that are a bit more effort to cook at home like Tom Yum soup etc. @Steve, Baan Thai’s another great shout.