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  1. I wouldn’t exactly call Herbstreet a cheap eat. It is good quality but their brunch menu is pricey.

  2. They charged €2 for syrup?!

  3. maple syrup is expensive, you usually get the golden syrup. I wouldn’t mind paying an extra 2€ for it (providing it’s a decent portion, not these teeny-weeny pots)
    And congratulations on your future wedding 🙂

  4. Yes, it’s expensive for a regular punter to buy in a shop, but charging extra for maple syrup on pancakes is like being charged extra for a bun or sauce with your burger; the two just go together. No, I don’t usually get golden syrup with pancakes, I always get maple syrup in a bottle when I get pancakes for breakfast in my local cafe and no extra charge. A surcharge is ridiculous.

  5. €20.40 for breakfast! €20.40 would feed the two of us for two days, at least.

  6. As I mentioned in the article already it was on the expensive side. But it was so delicious, really high quality ingredients, home-made baked beans etc, so worth splashing out on for a treat (it was an important day after all!). We really enjoyed it and, while it won’t be too frequently, we’ll definitely be back, lovely place, gorgeous food and we were *stuffed* until dinner-time.

    Thanks for the congrats Nanazolie! <3

  7. Rebecca, spend what you like on a good breakfast, it does look very very tasty but I think it’s gouging to charge extra for syrup for pancakes.

  8. I had brunch there, and yet hit 6-stack pancakes, I couldn’t finish it all, left say 10%, tried my best! Their egg benedicts pretty good too! Hope to be back soon!