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Review: Pho Viet, Parnell St, Dublin

pho-viet-soupI’ve expressed my love for Vietnamese food here before; it’s so fresh, delicate and healthy.  Vietnamese food was fairly poorly represented on the streets of Dublin until recent years, when new places like Neon and Aobaba started springing up. They’re very welcome, it’s a great cuisine and can be very affordable.

There’s a new spot called Pho Viet on Parnell Street, right next to the Hop House which is another great place to get Asian food.  Pho Viet has a very simple layout, and a very affordable menu.  The choice on offer is a range of phos (Vietnamese noodle soup), rice vermicelli noodle dishes, fried rice dishes and curries.  I went there one wet Saturday afternoon with my pal Geordie Sue to try them out and was really happy with my meal.

Rice pancake rolls to start were €3 and were stuffed with fat juicy prawns, fresh veg and pork. The rice pancake is a great alternative to the greasy deep fried spring roll, and these were really good.  For my main, I ordered their Pho Tai, rare steak noodle soup for €6.90.  It was a huge dish of delicious broth and really good quality steak – not the stringy meat you often get in stews – which was cooked perfectly rare as promised. The soup came with side dishes of coriander, chopped spring onions, slices of red chilli and fresh beansprouts for me to add as I ate.

Geordie Sue ordered a chicken curry which came in a coconut-based sauce and resembled a Thai yellow curry, but had a more fruity and warmly spiced flavour than Thai food.  I was really happy with my food, it was comforting and tasty, and fantastic value.  €9.90 got more food than I could finish – making it a particularly recommended new entry to our Dinners Under €10 list.

The meal was finished up with a delicious and beautifully presented Vietnamese coffee, which comes with condensed milk and is sweet enough for a dessert.  I can see this place and its tasty food becoming a regular spot for me.

Have you tried Pho Viet? What did you think?


  1. Great place. Ask them to add an oxtail to your pho next time. So good.

  2. I ate here yesterday evening….it didnt start well at all……the plastic chopsticks inside the paper I was given were filthy dirty!
    Thankfully it picked up from there.
    The spring rolls (fresh) were excellent, and my pho main with pork and beef was delicious and very hot!. I would go back despite the rather icky start.

  3. I like this place for the comfort food with reasonable price. . Gmisk: hope you informed the staffs and that will help them to improve their service.