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Pizza making parties at Milano

Rachel with Dreamboat Jacob

Rachel with teacher, Dreamboat Jacob

Friday night. Milano very kindly brought us in to their Haddington Road branch recently to try out their Pizza Making class. I headed along with my sister Rachel.  For €19.95 per person you get a choice of any small wine/beer or soft drink, an “Intro”, which includes the always delicious Marcona almonds and gorgeous Sicilian green olives. You then choose any pizza from the Classic Pizza list and are taught how to make it yourself. It’s a pretty good deal considering that these items, without the class, would normally cost €23.75 (based on the most expensive items available with the offer).

We relaxed and enjoyed our Intros and drinks while mulling over what pizzas to make. In the end, we plumped for an American Hot (pepperoni with jalapenos) and a Fiorentina (spinach, black olives and a free range egg). Our teacher, Jacob, joined us to instruct on how to make the pizzas. It wasn’t quite from scratch, the dough was pre-made but we got to roll them out ourselves.

And Rebecca, also with Dreamboat Jacob

And Rebecca, also with Dreamboat Jacob

Rachel and I decided to pay a little extra so we could have our pizzas on their Romana base – a thinner, larger base and, in my opinion, much closer to an authentic Italian pizza. Jacob was really friendly and an excellent teacher. We had a good chuckle when Rachel managed to unwittingly pat flour all over her face and continued to chat away not realising she had “antiqued” herself. Rolling out the dough and getting the toppings just right wasn’t too challenging but it was good fun. Having created them ourselves, the finished product was all the more tasty and satisfying.

It was just the two of us, and while we had a great laugh, I think it would be more fun to partake in as a larger group, which is who the deal is aimed at (Peter was supposed to come but was sick).

That said, it was a really enjoyable evening. I’m definitely going to bring my nephew and some of his pals to do this in the near future. I also think it’s equally fun for adults, and it would make a very reasonably priced office, hen or birthday party.

Would you enjoy an evening like this?



  1. I had no idea they did this; I’d only seen their kids pizza making party offer. It’s a great idea.

  2. I just tried to find out more about the how, when and what , but cannot find anything on their website? I’ve pinged an email to their customer services, but if you have a source or contact for more information, please do share. Thanks.

  3. Hi Brendan, I think if you call your local Milano branch they will book you in – let me know if that doesn’t work though and I’ll get in touch with them! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the reply. I’ll try that and let you know.

  5. Haddington Road obliged us. As Peter suggested, it is best to call/email them directly. They looked after a party of six for us. We’d great craic. Even thought there’s not too much “making” to it and you don’t get to waste premium ingredients. They are plenty generous with the dough (for those who punch holes in their) and the ingredients offered. Tip: a lighter touch with the cheese makes a better pizza. Tip two: a little tabasco goes a long way. I’ll do it again; maybe with a different crew.

    Thanks for the idea!