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Query: Best Chinese takeouts in Dublin


My friend, Jemma, got in touch to ask:

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good quality Chinese restaurant that deliver to the Portobello area?

I suggested Zen in Rathmines but whispers on the web suggest it has disimproved of late. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I’ve had a takeaway so I’m not up to speed on what’s good and what’s bad. I know that there is delicious Chinese food to be had around Parnell St and Capel St, but I don’t think any deliver to Dublin 8. If anyone knows of anywhere please let us know. There seems to be a dearth of good Chinese food on Dublin’s south side.

What’s your favourite Chinese takeout, wherever you are in Ireland?


  1. Royal Garden in Terenure is very good. The last time I got food from Zen it wasn’t great and its not that cheap either.

  2. Dont know if they deliver but Noodle Box / now Noodle Table on Camden St is perhaps the outstanding asian food in that area. Do take out or just eat in.

  3. M&L Restaurant just off O’Connell St is the best if you want the real deal.

  4. Yes M&L is best of all, but no delivery and not near Portobello.

    And the Ho Fun noodles are great at the Noodle Box.

  5. Ho ho in rathmines is pretty tasty if you stick with their chinese menu. I agree completely about M&L being the best there is (in Dublin at least!).