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  1. Sounds like a good cheapeat! I live nearby so will check it out. Can you get a whole chicken for take out?

    The other place I like is Sr Frango, portuguese, on the other side of the street from the Rotisserie.

    And that tapas place just opened up near the bike shop – pricier but still good value.

  2. Brilliant grub at a very reasonable price. I wish there was more places like this in Dublin. The staff are very welcoming too which is always a plus!

  3. I hate to see bargain chicken restaurants like this. You are almost guaranteed that the chicken is battery and not Irish.

  4. “not Irish” ! Heaven forbid.

    Myself I go a step further: restaurants in Dublin 8 should only serve chicken reared in D8 itself.

  5. Yes, heaven forbid Otto. I don’t want to eat chicken that has been reared in a shoe box in Thailand before being shipped here. If you do then you are a braver soul than I.

  6. Unfortunately, even posh restaurants seldom use free-range Irish chicken. It’s a valid point, I find it quite annoying that you can’t find proper Irish meats in restaurant, but then the same goes for beef, pork, fish, etc. At that rate, it will be easier to eat vegetarian food (and even then, there won’t be any guarantee that the garlic doesn’t come from Mexico or the beans from Egypt. In fact, it’s very likely they are)

  7. I don’t order meat in a restaurant unless I know where it is from. For some reason I don’t mind about vegetables. I take my meat very seriously, quiet at the back. 😀

  8. Well, I ate there within the last week, and while it was adequate, the chicken was not fabulous. This is the sort of place that lives or dies by the quality of the chicken itself, and, well, it was so-so.

  9. So if any of you checked their website you would see it states traceable Irish chicken. But hey, jumping to conclusions is easier.