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  1. Thanks. Another Camden Street eatery to check out.

    Everyone says the fries are not as good as the burgers. Better than vice versa I guess…

  2. Looks great Rebecca, though I think I’ll skip the fries and the milkshake… It’s very difficult to get fries just right; most restaurants have to do a lot of testing first and very few achieve the results they want.

  3. Couldn’t agree more with you – awesome burgers, but the fries and milkshake are definitely a let down, especially for the prices they are asking at the moment. Also, the milkshake is thin and milky, not a ‘thick’ shake like you might expect. Top tip though, Bunsen are using social media very well, and it would definitely be worth keeping up with their FB page etc… They do seem to be genuinely interested in feedback, and they ran a poll about their chips a little while ago to find out if people preferred hand cut or the shoe string ones. Most people seemed to opt for hand cut, and many also mentioned being disappointed that the portion size was on the small size, especially considering the price. I’ve eaten there since and ordered the hand cut chips and they were definitely more generous with the portions. Maybe they will listen about the milkshakes too!

  4. Ate there last night: burgers good, lots of fries per portion, and a good milkshake.

  5. Plus one for Bunsen. Suzanne and I both thought the fries were excellent, so they must have fixed that problem. Also, hey split one portion of fries between t us, which we both thought was a really good touch.