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More overcharging at Tesco

More shenanigans from Tesco. Our reader Den McCarthy gets in touch to say: 

Another example of Tescananigans

Another example of Tescananigans

When buying Tesco brown rice in Tralee, I could have bought a 1Kg bag for €1.84… or a 2Kg bag for €4.99

Buying in bulk is usually cheaper, but not in Tesco, where if you don’t watch the price tags, you’ll be charged an extra €1.31 – just under 75 per cent more.

This is a favoured trick at Tesco. Do you reckon that a slightly thick robot does their pricing, or are they just that incompetent? Or, perhaps they find it hilarious to give the two fingers to their own customers?

Readers, have you noticed any overcharging at Tesco?



  1. Yep if you check it is cheaper to buy 2×6 eggs than 12!!!! Crazy!

  2. Recently:

    1 x 2L 7Up = €1
    2 x 2L 7Up = €3.50

    We had to buy them in separate transactions to stop the system charging us extra. The staff could not understand the problem…

  3. I agree with Con,A wile ago I had the same problem when buying 2 2 lires cokes.its hard to think what they are doing with customers.

  4. You will regularly see me in my local Tesco, phone calculator in hand to check the ‘offers’, as far as I can figure out, most of their larger packs are more expensive than buying multiple smaller packs. You need to keep your wits about you shopping there!!