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New Cafe: Peacock Green, Lord Edward St

peacock-greenHave you noticed that lots of really, really pretty new places are springing up around Dublin?  I’ve really been impressed by the [PRETENTIOUSNESS ALERT] aesthetic of so many of the new cafes and restaurants around Dublin city centre.  Of course, good design is not always a guarantee of good food, but it does indicate an attention to detail at the very least.  Places like Brother Hubbard and The Fumbally have food that’s just as interesting and lovely as their interiors.

One of the pretty new places that jumped out at me recently was Peacock Green on Lord Edward St, with the beautiful typography in its window and its carefully created window displays.  The menu shows the fairly standard cafe selection of coffees, cakes, sandwiches, salads and soups, but they have some interesting and unusual options in there. The small salad box is only €3.50 to take away (€4 to eat in), and I was impressed to get a decent serving of extremely healthy salad.  There was no mayonnaise, or filler salads like rice or couscous – it was all delicious crunchy fresh vegetables, like red cabbage with pumpkin seeds.  Quite a virtuous lunch, but as someone who is always bemoaning the lack of healthy takeaway lunches, I was really pleased to find this option.

Sandwiches are around the €5 mark and are made with delicious bread, with fillings such as pastrami, or chicken with roast vegetables. I also tried and liked their coffee – a latte was €2.70 to have in, in a gorgeous tin cup.  Despite the tiny shopfront there are seats upstairs and you can squeeze quite a few people in there.  There are comfy cushions, lots of quirky decorations and portraits of what look like 18th Century French royalty. Probably best not to think about how they ended up, as you eat your croissant.

So far I like this place, I think they’re doing something a bit different and I’ll be back to try more things on their menu. I noticed a couple of times as well that they give away their unsold pastries for free at the end of each day, which is a lovely thing.

Peacock Green is on Lord Edward St in Dublin 2, and they have a sister restaurant at 25 Leeson St.  Have you tried them?


  1. I would’ve thought how positive it is to see lovely new cafe bars and restaurants popping up in Dublin. It’s a positive sign not a negative. Let’s all hope this is a sign of good happier times ahead

  2. Of course it’s positive! Where in this review does it say it’s a bad thing?

  3. Didn’t see anything negative either. Glowing review in fact. This review plus Yelp made me want to go. It’s just across the street from our hotel so we stopped by. Awesome place with great food at an amazing price.