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  1. So has anyone seen the horror that is the Great Irish Bake Off!

  2. TGBBO? love it, down to the last 4 now, and it is getting better all the time.

    TGIBO? It just doesn’t work. I think the judges are too “nice”, they never seem to have anything proper to say, but always seem to declare everything as being “nice”, “that’s nice”, “very nice”, etc. I have yet to hear them properly criticise anyone on that show.

    Also, why are there only two challenges on each show, always either a signature dish round and a technical, or a signature dish and a show-stopper. On the TGBBO there are always 3 challenges, and it makes for more opportunities to see how the bakers are doing, and get to see some lovely cakes.

    Apparently the franchise holder is very strict about the format of the show, so I’m surprised that this major difference was allowed.