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  1. More bull poop from T*sco. I use bagged leaves all the time for lunches and salads, none is ever thrown out. Not once have I seen a 2 for 1 offer on bagged salads. I assume they are using it as an excuse to increase prices.

  2. Criminy, Claire. I have to agree with Peter – though I must add that I’ve simply stopped buying bags of washed salad unless I have guests calling over and I can be confident that the leaves will be used up.
    Now I get my five a day by consuming one piece of fruit with breakfast and trying to grab at least one more item of fresh fruit during the day.
    Yes, that’s three fewer than the my supposed quota of fresh fruit. No, I don’t have scurvy. I’m just a woman in her thirties who hates waste.

  3. I hate waste too, which is why it’s never thrown out 😀