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Dine in offers: Tesco, Superquinn, and M&S

13.50 dine in M&SThe M&S Dine in for Two for €13.50 offer runs again this weekend. This year, M&S eventually raised the price from €12.50 following a new €1 Government tax on wine. Hopefully the recent 50c increase in duty won’t jack the price of this deal up to €14.

The current deal includes lasagna, chicken casserole, and Asian spiced pork belly, as well as a seasonal apple and blackberry pie. Full menu on the UK M&S website.

Tesco also do a dine in deal, which I have not tried, but which seems reasonably decent. And I’m a regular purchaser of a surprisingly delicious, unprocessed dinner for two at Superquinn, which consists of generous amounts of “Mediterranean” salmon with baby potatoes and Mediterranean roast veg for €7. Ah Superquinn, don’t go, please. I’ll miss you.

Readers, we’re always bleating on about the M&S deal, but have you tried any from other supermarkets? Do you have any recommendations?




  1. I don’t accept the price increase on the M&S offering being related to the €1 increase on wine. If that really is the case then why has there been no 50c increase this time?

  2. Maybe it wasn’t due to the wine tax, but it seems likely that it was. I would imagine that, at €12.50, this deal was already a loss leader for M&S, so I’m not surprised it went up in cost.
    The €1 M&S price rise came around four months after the wine tax was imposed. The 50c increase in duty only came into effect last week.