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Lunch in the Bison Bar

Bison Bar LunchThe Bison Bar, on Dublin’s Wellington Quay, is inviting at the best of times, with its many comfortable niches to sit in and its wide range of delicious whiskeys.  On a cold rainy Friday recently I ran down there to meet some friends for lunch, and was very very glad that I did. It was some of the best comfort food I’ve had in ages.

The Bison Bar serves BBQ style food, a cuisine that is sorely rare here in Dublin.  At lunchtime, they offer three different kinds of barbequed meat sandwiches – pulled pork, brisket or sausage – at €5 each.  For an extra €3, you can add one of their side dishes – including fries with chipotle mayo, smoked beans, onion rings.  I had the sausage sandwich with a side of smoked beans; it was only fecking delicious.

The sausage was fantastic quality, really rich and meaty with a hint of spicy heat.  The bread was crisp and tasty.  The beans were delicious in their own right and also had chunks of sausage throughout the dish.  A sausage sandwich with a side of sausagey beans.  Not a lunch that you would be advised to eat every day, but on the days you can – oh boy oh boy.  The portions didn’t look massive when the food arrived, but the sandwich was packed with sausage and everything was rich and filling.

At night time, the Bison Bar serves more BBQ food, including ribs and split chicken.  I can’t wait to try it out, and to get another go of that great lunch.  Recommended.


  1. Your review has me salivating over my keyboard. I thought the €5 offer was only for a take-out bap. That’s why I haven’t been. Their online menu is a bit ambiguous.

  2. This looks really good, to be honest I never heard of the place, I will have to check it one day 🙂

  3. Never thought to eat here… usually end up here later in the evening 😀 will have to check it out thought, looks YUM!