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  1. Another price increase?! The chipper is cheape now.

  2. You can get dinner for two with good quality ingredients, dessert and a bottle of wine in your chipper for less than €14?! Where is this amazing chipper?

  3. KCs in Douglas but that’s not the point Jean. There has been no price increase on this deal in the UK, just Ireland. Using the increase in duty on wine is a lazy excuse. M&S should source a cheaper wine and reduce the price for those who opt for the non alcoholic version.

  4. KC’s in Douglas does dinner for two, dessert and a bottle of wine for less than €14? Are you serious?

  5. Now you’re being obtuse and sarcastic. I’m sorry you feel the need to take each and every comment on this blog so personally.

  6. How extremely rude of you. You posted an assertion, I was trying to find out if it was true or just rubbish. Clearly it’s the latter.

    I in turn am sorry that you can’t stand being challenged on your constant moaning.

    Please go and find another blog to post your endless complaints on.

  7. Always seem to miss out on these. Last time I got one they had very decent non-alcoholic options.