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Friday 29 January, 2010
by rercy

What’s on Your Plate?

1006881_30129717Feeling lazy and hankering some comfort food, I nipped into Tesco and bought the Tesco Finest Lamb Moussaka. I naively thought it would marry well with the Potato Gratin from the normal Tesco range but I choose poorly. Both were tasty but sadly not together – I swear I could almost hear my arteries clog up.

Unbearably uncomfortable, I decided to have a look at the ingredients. Shockingly; a half portion of the Moussaka is 42.6g of fat which is a massive 61% of your recommended daily fat intake and the Potato Gratin, which has 20.9g of fat – equates to a whopping 30% of your guideline daily amount.

The ingredients are good with no added artificial preservatives, flavours, colours or hydrogenated fat but the double cream and really cheesy béchamel sauce make it unnecessarily heavy. In fact, I don’t think the dish needs cream at all and I should have made the effort to make my own Moussaka.

Just goes to show how important it is to read the label and avoid discovering you have eaten 91% of your daily fat intake in just one meal.

Do you always read the label?

Thursday 28 January, 2010
by peter

A Guide to BOGOF: Special Offers at Superquinn

sqI’ve heard all the reasons for customers to dislike supermarket’s buy one, get one free offers. They can make us buy things we don’t really want or need. They can encourage us to overspend on products we’ll never get to eat. They’re often on perishable goods, and a lot of the food ends up in the bin, causing environmental damage and leaving a heavy carbon footprint. And don’t get me started on the pressure they can put on food producers to take the hit during these special offer promotions.

But I’m not convinced. I reckon if you’re pre-armed with knowledge of a shop’s offers, especially BOGOFs – you’ll find the information on this or other Irish consumer blogs, or supermarket websites – and make your shopping list based on what you’ll get through, you’re less tempted to impulse buy. And you can stock up on freezer items: meat and fish, bread, frozen food.

Superquinn’s current special offers are all BOGOFs, which will doubtless irk or enrage some. I can see a lot of BOGOF items here that would be worth stocking up on:

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Thursday 28 January, 2010
by peter
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Special Buys at Lidl

Lidl LogoAn interesting email arrived from our reader Wendy Cullinane this morning:

I am on a mission because I was very disappointed to discover Lidl is attempting to pull the wool over my eyes.  I have been purchasing Lidl’s own brand of plain flour for more than 9 months.  The price averages at 82 cents per 2 kg bag.  This is consistent with numerous Lidl outlets in the Cork and Kerry region.
Usually I paid 74 cents for a 3Kg bag of flour.  I saw the price jumped after Christmas to 92 cents.  However, I went in to my local outlet yesterday (Bandon Co. Cork) and found the flour had been returned to the 74 cents per bag I had been used to for many months.  I was shocked to discover though that the bag had been reduced to 1.5 Kg.  So they were attempting to sell us less flour for the same amount!
I wrote to Lidl and their response was that is was a pricing error.  I find it hard to believe that it was a pricing error for 9 months and in multiple outlets.  I just wonder what else they are doing this with?

Tesco, Dunnes, SuperValu and Superquinn have all fallen under the eye of the Skibereen Eagle at CheapEats. We’re particularly used to Tesco’s shennigans. But the German discounters have largely escaped scrutiny due to the general joy their cheap prices bring to our lives. This might prompt us all to keep a closer eye on prices at Lidl.

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Thursday 28 January, 2010
by peter

Special Buys at Aldi

AldiA random recommendation: Aldi’s “Liskeel” organic probiotic natural yogurt. I picked some up last week and they beat similar offerings from Lidl, Rachel’s, Glenisk and even the delicious Killowen yogurt. As it happens, the Aldi yogurts are unsurprisingly cheaper, but let’s forget about value for just a moment: they’re simply nicer. Thick, smooth and naturally creamy, this natural yogurt is perfect. Good for lining the hungover stomach too!

Every Thursday and Sunday at Aldi, you can pick up a range of special buys. Today’s set includes some DIY gear, sweeping brushes and an excellent chance to stock up your Asian larder. I haven’t tried the Asia brand but I’d love to hear feedback. The choice includes:

  • Asian Sauces – 99c
  • Asian condiments (fish sauce, teriyaki garlic sauce) – 79c
  • Red and Green curry pastes – €1.29

Finally, don’t forget that you can pick up a selection of fruit and veg, including 250g asparagus, 750g Rocha pears, and 2 kilos of potatoes for just 59c. This is one of the best Super6 offers I’ve seen. Click here for more details.

Thursday 28 January, 2010
by jean

M&S Dine in for Two for €12.50, Jan 28-31st

marks-and-spencers-logoIt’s back again from Thurs-Sun this week, bargain fans.  Full selection after the jump.  One of the (many) things that I like about this offer is that you can get healthy choices – you can have salmon, veggies or salad and fruit salad. Or you can pig out and have cottage pie, wedges and millionaire’s shortbread.  It’s all good.

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