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Welcome to CheapEats

CheapEats is a blog about eating well in Ireland while getting value for money. We’ll cover everything from cheap and delicious snacks, to the high-end restaurants that are worth every penny.

CheapEats features:

  • recipes
  • restaurant reviews
  • current bargains and tips for food shopping
  • news on food and the credit crunch
  • online resources for foodies
  • cookbook reviews
  • readers’ recipes and tips

We are interested in sustainable, healthy, low-fat, organic, ethical and fairtrade foods, but will also write about how nice burgers are and where to get good value on Rancheros and other processed treats. Moderation in all things!

We also want CheapEats to become a resource for everyone interested in food and value in Ireland, and we invite user submissions and feedback. Send us your recipes, restaurant recommendations, and examples of good and bad value; and tell us your opinion on whatever we write.

CheapEats is maintained and edited by Jean O’Brien and Peter McGuire.

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