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Having to feed yourself five dang lunchtimes a week


If you’re anything like me, you may find it something of a chore to feed yourself at lunchtime five days a week.  It can be hard work to find the inspiration for an interesting and healthy lunch, particularly if you’re busy and have to eat at your desk.  Finding the balance between something that will satisfy you and something that will induce a food coma can also be tricky.  The cost of eating out each lunchtime is not inconsiderable, and if all you’re getting is a boring, stodgy panini, it’s often terrible value as well.

The Irish Times recently wrote about ways of saving money by bringing your own lunch to work.  Did you know that under health and safety legislation, your employers are obliged to provide you with facilities for you to eat in your office – at the very minimum, a kettle and some eating space?

We will be running a number of recipes here for tasty food that is easily prepared in advance.  We’ll also provide tips and reviews on places to get a good-value lunch in Ireland, and ideas on how you can assemble a reasonable lunch from your local Centra or Spar.  Put an end to sad triangular sandwiches in sweaty plastic.

Readers – are you willing to share your lunch recipes and the your tips for the best places to get lunch in your area?  Or places to avoid like the plague?

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