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Good Soups at M&S

m&s-soupThanks to CheapEats reader Sinead Gibney, who  recommends M&S tinned soups. I wouldn’t normally be a fan of tinned soup, but I have to agree with Sinead that these are very tasty, great value at 59c (compared to €1.15 for Baxter’s Cream of Tomato soup in Tesco and Superquinn) and, overall, much better than most of the branded fresh soups (such as Avonmore).


  1. Hmmm…I’ve tried these before and been disappointed. It’s been a long time though and I’m not the snob I was; must try ’em again.

  2. The chicken one is particularly nice from this range.

  3. Out of curiosity I read the ingredients on their wise buys mushroom soup when I saw the special in the store. It mostly vegetable oil.