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Tesco Offers

Some of this week’s special offers at Tesco:tesco-feb

  • Irish Pride Sandwich Pan -reduced from €1.59 to €1
  • Nestle Cheerios, Bitesize Shredded Wheat, Shreddies, Alpen, Multigrain Finesse, and Golden Nuggets – half price
  • Knorr 500g Ragu sauces – reduced from €1.99 to 99c each
  • Finish Max in One Powerball Lemon Tablets 42 pack – half price – reduced from €13.99 to €6.99

There’s also offers on crisps, meat, fruit and veg, and some cosmetic items. You’ll find them all here.

All offers are valid up to and including Sunday February 8.

I think this site may be turning me into a ruthless vulture. Recently, I’m inclined to get most of my fruit and veg in Aldi, Lidl, or a greengrocer. I pick my meat and fish up from the butcher and fishmongers. I  get the brands and extras wherever I can – usually Dunnes, sometimes Tesco. Occasionally, I venture to M&S for their delicious treats and bargains.

This is the first time in ages that I’d be tempted to Tesco by their offers. I really don’t like their fresh produce. But if you’ve a cranky dishwasher like mine, Finish tabs are great, some of those multigrain cereals are really nice, and who doesn’t love half price crisps? Some of you might go for the Irish Pride, the shower gels, or the McGuigan’s wine they seem so desperate to offload (Anyone know if this wine is any good?)

Just remember to wear my dad’s supermarket blinkers; get the specials and leg it!

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