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Killarney Restaurant Takes an Interesting Gamble

Conor Pope reports today in the Irish Times that The Vanilla Pod restaurant in Killarney has taken an interesting approach to the recession: rather than offering a set menu, they’re offering customers the chance to pay whatever they think the meal is worth.

Owner Gavin Gleeson says he’s confident that customers won’t “do the dog” on it.  What do you think?  And more importantly, have any of our Kerry readers tried The Vanilla Pod?

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  1. I used to frequent a restaurant in melbourne in about 2005/6 which had this policy .. it was a vegan place and hippy by nature with delicious food, guest chefs, mismatched furniture and kooky waiters. I always found myself leaving more than I would pay normally (i was a broke backpacker) for the food as i loved the atmosphere and never had a bad meal there. I hope this gamble pays off for them as I think its a lovely idea and relies on the honesty and generosity of people – karma if you will. Shall watch with interest.