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Shop Review: Crystal Continental Food Store

caribbean-imageCrystal Continental is a Afro-Caribbean and Asian food store situated in the Moore Street Mall in Dublin 1.

Caribbean food is built on many influences including the indigenous Caribs, Africans, Indians and Chinese. With such diversity, it’s not surprising that this store is crammed with not just the familiar Indian and Asian ingredients but more unusual foods.

These include Elubo, a flour made from dried yams and used in stews, soups and in preparing amala which is similar to mash potato; Farina, a finely ground flour made from any grain or root and used in breakfast cereals, soups and desserts; and Ogbono, the seed of a wild bush mango, used in soups and popular with meat and fish.

I purchased inexpensive fresh fruit and vegetables, spices, canned goods and condiments. There are also huge freezers full of curious looking meat and fish including the Tilpia fish and Milk fish. This culinary wonderland is also a great place to pick up a bargain; one kilo of giant shrimps for only €9.99. I suggest you go in with a plan though, or it can get confusing.

Later in the week I will show you how to build up your Caribbean larder and a delicious recipe to trifle with. It’s not trifle though!

Price check: Crystal Continental

2kg Elubo – €5

Farina – €3

Ogbono – €2.50

Tilpia fish – €5 per kg

Milk fish – €5.50 per kg

1 kg large shrimps – €9.99

Catfish – €4.50 kg

Total: €35.49

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