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Restaurant Review: Shebeen Chic


"If you like good food, good fun and a whole lotta crazy crap on the walls..."

Shebeen Chic is the latest restaurant to appear in that horribly cursed spot near The Globe on South Great George’s St, which has seen about four restaurants come and go in the last five years.  The name and concept caused a considerable amount of scoffing when it opened, but it seems to have been doing very well, with quite a lot of buzz around it.  It’s owned by the same group that own Cafe Bar Deli and Eden, and was touted as an ecological venue as the interior is made up of recycled materials.

I went there on Friday night with my friend Catherine, as we’d both heard lots of mixed reports and were interested to see for ourselves.  We decided to share a burger and a boxty – a potato pancake that our waitress told us was somewhere between starter and main course size.

What was good about it?

  • The decor, while possibly overwhelming if you’re there for more than a couple of hours, provides lots of interesting things to look at.
  • The service was friendly and helpful.

What was bad about it?

  • Our burger cost €15 and was nothing special. I’ve had much better for less in the various gourmet burger places, even though I bitched and moaned about the prices even then.  It was very small, and the chips that came with it were pale and undercooked.  The boxty was ok, if a little oily.
  • The prices in general are just much too high.  The cheapest house wine is €22, and a side of chips costs €6.50 (they’re cooked in duck fat, big swinging mickey). There is no early bird menu or specials of any kind on offer.
  • The name. Whoever thought of it deserves a punch in the balls.

Our meal came to €37 for one main, one kind-of-main and two beers.  Neither of us were terribly impressed with Shebeen Chic.  A recycled interior is a nice idea, but it’s a bit meaningless when it’s paired with such overpriced food.  It was busy when we were in there, but I’m wondering if style-over-substance places like this will continue to see much traffic.  Don’t we have more sense these days?


  1. I ate there last year. It was one of the worst meals I ever had.

  2. on the note of burger places … have you tried The Burger Counter in dundrum .. I have, its really nice and lots of options and its not overpriced …

  3. Once again Jean, you are right. This is very much a spinal tap ‘shark sandwich’ album review situation, except this time it is a restaurant that gets just a two word review: ‘shebeen shit’

  4. Love the review 😀 I’ve mean meaning to try it for a while but was put off by the prices.

  5. They wouldn’t know what real boxty was if it hit them in the face. Awful food, was freezing cold (as they kept the door open even after we asked for it to be closed) & inflated prices.

  6. New Chef …. New prices …. Try again……….

  7. Went for an evening drink. Place wasn’t too busy but we stood at the bar for about 15 minutes being ignored before walking out. Won’t be bothering again.