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Cheap Eats in Kerry

radio-kerry-logoThanks to Deirdre Walsh at Radio Kerry for having me on the lunchtime Talkbout show.

A few listeners have mailed to ask me for details of cheap eats around Kerry, so here’s a few. Most of these were recommended by friends who live in Dingle or Tralee.


  • Brats: Whisper it, and don’t tell them we sent you. Brats is one of Ireland’s best kept-secrets and, from the sounds of it, they want it to stay that way. The food in this vegetarian and vegan restaurant is so good, according to my secret source, that the owners have written to several guide books asking to be removed. I guess they don’t want to be swamped. It’s around €7 for a lunch and we’re told that the food is always imaginative, well-presented and reliable. You’ll find them at 18 Milk Market Lane.
  • Bella Bia: This popular Italian eatery delivers pizzas, pastas and the rest at decent prices. There’s an early bird menu from 5-7pm: three courses for only €13.50. That’s bloody good.

Goat St Cafe, Dingle

Goat St Cafe, Dingle


  • The Goat Street Cafe: Several people have been raving about the breakfast here. It includes such drool-inducing items as French toast with Melted Brie and Maple Syrup and Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Egg on Rye Toast. They do beautiful lunches at €10-14. Dinner is from 6-9pm, where most mains will set you back about €15-20.
  • Lord Baker’s: A well-regarded spot for fish, the Lord Baker is not exactly cheap but three friends tell me it is very good quality. They do an early bird – 3 courses for €26.
  • An Cafe Litreacha: One of the nicest cafes in Ireland and never given as much attention as it deserves. What could be nicer than spending a few hours in this cafe-bookshop, having a bite to eat and a few coffees, and getting stuck into a good book.
  • Hot dog stand, Dingle Marina: I’m reliably informed that the hot dog stand is one of the best cheap eats around Dingle. Take it on a walk.


  • I’ll come out with my hands up: I’ve only eaten in one place in Killarney. That’s GB Shaws in the luxurious Muckross Park Hotel and Cloisters Spa. Again, not exactly cheap, and probably full up for Valentine’s. My main course of Grilled Black Sole on the bone with lemon caper butter had the unmistakeable flavour of fish straight off the boat. It might be one of the best fish dinners I’ve ever had. Keeping the cost down, you could try the bar food in Monk’s and treat yourself to a massage in the almost otherworldly spa.
  • Our reader SJ recommends Murphy’s ice-cream shops in Killarney and Dingle. This is run by Kieran Murphy, who blogs at IceCreamIreland, and whom we often link to here at CheapEats. SJ says: “They might not be cheap but they are quality.”

Big thanks to everyone who emailed or listened in to the show. Readers, over to you: any other Kerry tips?


  1. Thanks so much for including me (and to you, SJ, who ever you are)! I’m delighted at your tips for Tralee, since I often have trouble finding decent food there. Goat St. Cafe is a great tip for Dingle, as is Cafe Lit for good ambience and great value. Global Village is another crowd pleaser (great earlybird menu), and for takeaway Novecento Pizza is very good (and reasonable), and the chipper at the top of Green St. ain’t bad at all. In Killarney, I like Miss Courtney’s Tea Rooms on College St. or the Park Hotel (less than you would think) for lunch. In Killorglin, I like Giovanelli (Italian), Sol y Samba (tapas), and Real Burger Co. (cheap eats!)

  2. The Hot Dog stand on strand st in Dingle is ace! They do the best chilli dogs in ireland.. mmmmm

  3. Abbey Inn, Tralee is great place to eat. Started going there in mid July. Food is fab. great choice menu. Lunch is under tenner for day speical course.

  4. Hi

    really interesting site. I like your Tralee recommendations. Yes Brats is brill.

    I agree with Kieran on Sol y sombre also.

    As an aside I also love the Desserts and coffee in the Ross in Killarney and listen to Deirdre Walsh on Radio Kerry (doesn’t everyone??)

  5. I am from Killarney and here are my recommendations:

    Chapter 40, Main Street – Modern and a bit posh. Great early bird fab service. Uses Irish ingredients

    Bricin – have been eating there (lunch/dinner) for the past 12 years and haven’t been disappointed once. Again great early bird menus from about 19e for two courses. Restaurant is quite homey and a great staff.

    The Thai restaurant down the mall – can’t spell the name – always very busy. Food is wonderful. So popular. Booking advised.

    Mrs. Courtney’s Tea Rooms on College Street – not exactly cheap but all the cakes are homemade. It is very cosy in there. Great selection of teas. The place feels a bit special.

  6. Hi wanted to recommend the hot dog stand by the marina fab chilli cheese dogs and cheap too went there every day during my stay last summer.

  7. A quick shout out for O’Suzettes in Kilflynn – between Tralee and Listowel. Owned and run by a french couple with a great deal of care and attention. IMO they are absolutely mad to have opened there but they’ve managed to survive for over a year and a half in a very tough economic climate. They deserve your support (I don’t go there nearly enough). Independent review here:

  8. Love the Garden Bar at the Killarney Park Hotel, menu is a fraction of the price of the main restaurant but the food is just as good and so tasty. Mains vary from about 12-20 euros, with a great selection of sandwiches, cocktails and wine in a really nice, posh but not too posh atmosphere.

  9. Sad to say that O’Suzettes has now closed down. Probably not the best location for a brasserie. Hope they can regroup and find a busier place to open.

  10. On holiday in Ireland and found in Killorglin a fine gem of a restaurant GIOVANNELLI on Lower Bridge Street. Fantastic fresh food, beautifully served, helpful staff and Daniel came out of the kitchen to ensure we were happy with the meal and everything.

    Definitely worth a visit. A great find on our first night in Co. Kerry. If I were a local I’d be visiting all the time.

  11. Kenmare:

    Best lunch: Jam, Henry St. Incredible homemade cakes, soups, sandwiches and salads. Very good value.

    Best dinner: The Lime Tree, Shelbourne St. Can be pricey but the food is divine. Very good value early bird.

    Best dinner on a budget: Set menu in Davitt’s, Henry St.