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  1. I’ve been to odessa on four occasions over the last 2 weeks and must say the fivers are great i have had different dishes each time and i can say i have left full i have had 2 dishes each time with a glass of wine each time and never spent over €15, thay are a lot bigger then taps size certanily bigger then and of the other places ive been to whio serve tapas around the city. Oh i had a burger there as well last week it was €14 euro on the menu i checked this on the web site dare i say Aingeala made a mistake? Also there early bird menu is only €16 euro. I for one will keep going and i can tell you that a lot of my friends are too.

  2. I love reading restaurant reviews, but I would take any of Aingela Flannery’s reviews with a big dose of salt. As far as I’m concerned, she is the worst restaurant reviewer out there and has an inflated opinion of her worth. Doorley or Tullio offer much more balanced and honest reviews.

  3. I read a review by tullio in the independents lifestyle section and he said it was a great offer. 🙂 I agree with joanne to stick with tullio or doorley.

  4. Tom Doorely says it has to be a serious contender for the best value in Dublin. I’ll definitely check this place out soon.

  5. Someone whose critical opinion I would trust more than Ms. Flannery’s had two tapas and wine there last night.
    She said the tapas were great and filling.

    She recommended the chorizo, red wine and chickpea stew quite highly.

    I’m not saying Ms Flannery is always wrong, but I do find myself disagreeing with her a lot. That said, I haven’t tried these Fivers yet.

  6. Really think you should amend this headline – it would put someone off going to Odessa’s and, having been there last night, they would really be missing out.

    We got four of the fiver dishes (the chorizo stew was amazing, but everything was good) and a bottle of wine and we were stuffed to the gills! For the grand total of €40 – to have so much food, so many different flavours, and a bottle of the house wine for €20 each, it’s probably the best value in Dublin.

    For us, it was perfect Thursday night fare (we’d usually go for an early bird or just a bowl of pasta and a glass of wine somewhere). Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.