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Another shout-out from Pricewatch, woohoo

In today’s Pricewatch, Conor Pope recommends websites that help you save money, and gives CheapEats a mention:

Fine tips for foodies

We’ve mentioned this site before, but in case you missed it, it bears repeating. We think is great – it is updated way more often than similar blogs we have come across and carries a whole lot of genuinely useful, nicely opinionated information on special offers in restaurants, cafes and supermarkets. Just by visiting the site last week, we learned that Supervalu was doing half-price sirloin steak, a loved-up Tesco was selling cheap chocolates for Valentine’s Day and five coffee shops in Dublin were offering lunchtime discounts.

Yay Pricewatch!

Conor Pope’s taste test today is on instant soup, the poor chap, and it goes much as you would expect – salt, MSG and greasiness abound.

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