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Half price offers at Tesco

tescoirelandSome special offers running at Tesco until this Sunday, March 1 include:

  • Yoplait 8x125g Pack Yogurt Range – half price – reduced from €5.29 to €2.64
  • Half-price Jaffa Oranges – reduced from €2.99 to €1.49
  • €5 for meats including 800g  minced steak, 600g boneless loin pork chops, and a whole, 1.4kg Irish chicken

You’ll find more details here.

Tesco is also running half-price grocery delivery this weekend. You can download and print out the voucher here.

What do you think of these offers?


  1. Was it seriously ever €5.29 for eight yogurts? That sounds like one of those inflate-the-prices-so-they-can-then-trumpet-a-special-offer kind of deals.

  2. There are also some good ole deals in Dunnes – Paul Rankins potatoe with spring onion and garlic (does 2 people) is down to €1 as is his mashed carrot & parsnip with ginger. They have Ben & Jerrys (low fat) for half price aswell and a yummy beer – called PAULANER – 2 for €4.

  3. OOps – also 2 ltr Coke Zero for those fizzy drinks fans is down to 99c

  4. Me again!I dont know why i cant think of everything at the same time!! Tesco have McGuigan Black Label Pinot Grigio down to just a FIVER and for red wine lovers “Chemin des Papes du Rhone Villages”….thats a great deal! There is my fruit intake taken care of for the weekend ;0)

  5. Tesco are also doing 4-packs of Heinz beans (must resist temptation to add “z”- “beanz”) for only €2, which is nearly half price I believe. That means you can get Heinz beans (resist!) for the same price per tin as tesco own-brand beans (which, incidentally, taste EXACTLY the same).