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Shop Review: Spiceland

spiceland-imageI’ve been a customer at Spiceland for years and always pick up a bargain. The store offers a wide range of canned goods and condiments, but the real savings are in their bags of spices and herbs.

Situated beside Shabnam Foods on South Richmond street, Dublin 1, Spiceland trades in Indian, African and Asian foods, but the main focus is on the Middle East.  This is one of the busiest and most established shops of it’s kind in Dublin, so I wasn’t surprised when told that business is booming, and they are moving to a bigger premises next door.

Large freezers full of frozen fish, a halal butchers, various Middle Eastern desserts and a huge range of fruits, vegetables and nuts are also on offer here. This is a one-stop shop for a variety of ethnic foods but, should they not stock it, you can always go next door to Shabnam.

Stored in the correct conditions, herbs and spices can retain their potency for considerable time; as long as four years for whole spices, two years for ground spices, and one to three years for some leafy herbs. This is the place to stock up.

Price Check:

  • 500g East End Brown Lentils – €1.55
  • 500g East End Green Lentils – €1.55
  • 907g Fava Beans – €1.55
  • 400g can of Black Eye Beans – €0.95
  • 400g East End Red Kidney Beans – €095
  • 454g pack of large Black Olives – €2.50
  • 1 Litre of Extra Virgin Olive Oil – €8.50
  • 50g Dried Coriander – €2.00
  • 50g Dried Parsley – €2.00
  • 100g Fennel Seeds – €1.75
  • 100g Poppy Seeds – €1.75
  • 1/2 pound of Beef- €3.40
  • 300ml Cortas Rose Water – €2.30
  • 250g East End Pistachio Kernels – €4.95
  • 215g Paneer soft cheese – €1.55
  • 1 Onion – €0.35
  • 1 Lemon – €0.40
  • 100g Cinnamon Powder – €2.10
  • Shan Fenugreek Leaves – €1.00


  1. Great shop, with a seriously good butcher at very decent prices!

    They also stock some excellent seasonal fruit that is hard to find elsewhere (i.e. Alfonso Mangos)

  2. Hi Will,

    Yeah, I bought some beef from there the other day and it was really tender and only around €3 for half a pound. I’ll keep an eye out for their seasonal fruit, sounds good.

  3. The mangoes are fantastic, totally unlike any mangoes on sale in supermarkets here. They start to appear in June and can be bought all summer in boxes of 6 or 8.

  4. was very nice to meet you in brazil and we hope to see you again.
    big hug from Carlos , rodrigo and michel

  5. Loved the interview in the independent….will search out your shop for sure…

  6. This was the only place in Dublin I found that sold paneer – much to my delight. Veggie food i’m proud to serve up , as it looks like tofu and then my guests get a pleasent surprise as they bite in. Mmm. Saag panner. drools.

  7. herbs and spices can really make any food so tasty and yummy,*;