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Tesco Price Drops

tescoirelandBabies are pricy little critters. This week, Tesco are plugging long-term price cuts on babycare items. This sees:

  • Johnson’s Baby Lotion 500ml falling from €4 to €3.49
  • Pamper’s Baby Dry Economy Pack Range falling from €11.98 to €10.49

There’s also:

  • Half prices peaches, plums, and oranges
  • Up to half price on selected clothing

More details here.

I’m not sure these offers warrant much attention, but at least they’re a step in the right direction to reduce some prices. Here’s hoping they’re not sneakily raising their other prices. What do you think of these offers?

One Comment

  1. Hmm … the dunnes offers look better for me personally, i have no small people to cater for.

    As my old accounting teacher used say “a bargains not a bargain unless you need it ! ” so if i had time to go to each supermarket and get what i needed from the offers i am sure i could cut my grocery bill significantly..

    This site is a great help in alerting me to the offers but overall what each supermarket is doing is quite small and i doubt would make a huge difference if you did all your shopping with one of them !