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Kitchen equipment at Lidl

lidl-kitchen-scalesJust a quick heads-up that Lidl are starting a sale on kitchen equipment next week – it might be the perfect time to stock up if you’re just learning to cook.  The range includes:

  • Set of ovenproof casserole dishes for €11.99
  • A baking tin set for €5.99
  • Ovenproof dish, various sizes, €2.99
  • Digital kitchen scales, €14,99

I have learned the hard way myself that very cheap appliances are a waste of money (damn you Argos!) as they conk out really quickly and just have to be replaced.  I’m not sure if I’d buy the juicer that Lidl have on offer for €9.99 as part of this range, but the digital scales are likely to only get light use and may last a bit longer.

This offer kicks off next Monday, March 23rd.

One Comment

  1. That citrus juicer looks very like one they ran a special on a couple of years ago, I bought one of them and though I don’t use it very often, it still works like a charm. Great for when you need the juice of something for a recipe.